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How to untriangulate a model in Truespace.

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How to untriangulate a model in Truespace.

Postby BNG123 » February 12th, 2015, 7:55 am

I found that editing geometry can be quite a challenge as all faces are made into many triangles significantly making a low polygon model into a mucher higher poly model. I've seen this in many models exported as X and 3ds. One model I recently imported as 3ds to edit in TS was imported with triangulation and had nearly 3000 faces verses only 2000 faces on an untriangulated version.

By default TS doesn't automatically triangulate model parts; it instead uses guad based faces to simplify model creation and much easier editing of a models geometric parts.

Anyways, I find that triangulated model parts can be converted into guads by using the bolean object union tool in TS to make two or more objects into a single mesh based object. I used this method to make the tread/track object for a BZII assualt tank out of three seperate wheel objects fromm the original model parts. Once I had a single untriangulated mesh object I was able to create the seperate tread and tractor objecta and group them as tread_l and tractor_r__h assembly then I just copied that and made the tread_r and tractor_r__h assembly. Renaming the copy was all that was required. For the other single models parts like the main_body I created a cube object and use the union tool to untrigulated the body as well as repeat this for the turret_y object and then the recoil_1 object. PS: I deleted the cube objects by deleting the cubes vertices.

The result was an easier and cleaner model to edit.
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Re: How to untriangulate a model in Truespace.

Postby tsvetan » February 15th, 2015, 4:57 pm

The wheels are transformed correctly to quads and the body rougly. The algorithm works well. I think it looks better in quads, but the number of triangles (memory used) is approximately the same. Good job!
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