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Regarding These 3d Modeling Tutorials.

This was the last official release of Caligari Corporations Truespace line of model creation software. The company was sold to Microsoft Corporation and ceased to exist after 2009. Ironically, the product was released as a free product and continues to persist maintainly due to a small group of former Caligari customers and a globally based group of 3D artists who still enjoy using this very simple model creation tool.

Regarding These 3d Modeling Tutorials.

Postby BNG123 » May 16th, 2014, 2:47 am

:!: These model making tutorials assume that you are already familiar with the basic modeling tools common to all 3D modeling software, and more importantly, the software you have chosen to use. If you have never used any software before then I strongly suggest that you visit my Truespace 6.6 forum to learn more on how to use the basic modeling tools in Caligari's Truespace 6.6 modelside of TS 7.61 before attempting to use any of these tutorials to create your first model as the majority of my work is done exclusively with the modelside of Caligari Truespace 6.6. I also have a forum for Anim8or modeling software for people who find Truespace too complicated.

:!: I have modeling links posted on where to get Caligari Truespace 7.61/6.6, Anim8or 097, Discreet's GMAX 1.2, Avid/Autodesk Softimage XSI Mod tool 6 & 7.5, Right Hemisphere's old 3D Exploration 1.5.5, and a special Truespace Direct-X exporter plugin called TrueX5.tsx. Anim8or and GMAX also has various model importer/exporter plugins as well.

:idea: Gather the materials and study the Truespace 6.6, GMAX, or Anim8or modeling forum before attempting these tutorials. FYI: Truespace 6.6 is not very hard to learn; Anim8or is a bit harder, but you will need to get used to the idea of working with simple icon based modeling tools. It will seem odd at first, but once you start working with the icons they will all start to make sense the more that you use them. As a general guideline each icon has a special purpose.

:arrow: Caligari Truespace Tips:

If you hover your mouse over an icon a text box will show you a brief description of what it does.

If you left click an icon you activate it's basic function.

If you right click an icon a settings panel will appear allowing you to adjust the tools precision settings.

If you right click an object in the workspace you can edit an objects geometry.

Happy modeling, Leroy.
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