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Downloading or adding file attachments on this forum.

This was the last official release of Caligari Corporations Truespace line of model creation software. The company was sold to Microsoft Corporation and ceased to exist after 2009. Ironically, the product was released as a free product and continues to persist maintainly due to a small group of former Caligari customers and a globally based group of 3D artists who still enjoy using this very simple model creation tool.

Downloading or adding file attachments on this forum.

Postby BNG123 » April 19th, 2015, 2:05 pm

Many of the posts have file attachments within the posts themselves. They are provided for members as well as visitors to this site as one way to share 3d models, modeling plugins, software based scripts and other types of files for web visitors interested in the model making process. FYI: Clicking on the attachments in the posts will offer to save these files on your computer system if you wish to use them. PS: Truespace plugins are typically in a zip based folder and generally extracted to your TS/TSX folder.

Forum members are encouraged to add new attachments if they wish, but all web visitors can freely download them if they wish. PS: The max file size is 5 mb.
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