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Caligari Truespace 6 Gamespace 1.6 Help File.

The modeling tools are mainly TSX and RSX plugin addons that make using the software more functional and flexible. Some are 3rd party products useful in creating 3D artwork with Truespace and other modeling software.

Caligari Truespace 6 Gamespace 1.6 Help File.

Postby BNG123 » October 1st, 2012, 4:39 am

This CHM file is the help file to use for both Caigari Truespace 6.6 and Gamespace 1.6.

Download and open the file to see the help file contents. It should also be used for the demo version of Gamespace Lite. Some topics covered in he manual will not apply to Gamespace Lite as the application lacks some features of the full version of Gamespace 1.6, but i covers evething else abou the tools and features of both TS 6.6 nd GS 1.6.
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