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Would online voting for elected officials be a good thing?

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Would online voting for elected officials be a good thing?

Postby BNG123 » December 28th, 2013, 7:50 am

Seems like more voters would actually register and vote if such an option existed as part of the U.S. form of electing state officials and perhaps even for the presidential election as well. I realize that their are concerns of voter fraud, but that already seems to be an issue with the old fashion paper ballot system.

I read a few articles that estimates that only about 64 percent of registered voters even bother to vote and elect all of our nations leaders. Would more voters participate if the process was easier with this option? Would more people register as a result? The issue should be debated in an effort to encourage the process along. It would also make it easier for Americans abroad to participate in important elections in this country.
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