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How to install a Truespace TSX plugin.

These are the Truespace & Gamespace plugins that I have collected over the years. They are basically just Windows DLL's that are written and named especially for use with Caligari modeling software. They all have to be installed but add extra features to the modeling tools in Caligari modeling software. I wanted to share them with other Caligari model makers. Leroy.

How to install a Truespace TSX plugin.

Postby BNG123 » March 8th, 2012, 2:22 pm

All TSX plugins are basically nothing more then DLL files specifically written for and therefore renamed with a common file extension of .TSX. The plugins are typically stored in a TS sub-folder named TSX. Plugins, however, do not automatically load when TS is run. I've listed below the steps required to actually load a TSX plugin to add an extra icon to actually access the features of the loaded plugin.

1. If the plugin is in zip form download and extract the files to your TS TSX folder.

2. To actually install the plugin click the Electrical icon to open the file select window to locate your TSX folder, and select the plugin to install and hit open. A new icon will appear on the menu bar.

3. To use the plugin click the new icon to activate it's function.

4. To uninstall the plugin left click the plugin while holding the left ctrl key and drag it to the recycle bin. This does not actually delete the file, but removes it from the menu bar. The installed plugins will remain acitve when you close Truespace and automatically reload the next time you run TS.
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