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My two very favorite 3D model making tools.

This was the last official release of Caligari Corporations Truespace line of model creation software. The company was sold to Microsoft Corporation and ceased to exist after 2009. Ironically, the product was released as a free product and continues to persist maintainly due to a small group of former Caligari customers and a globally based group of 3D artists who still enjoy using this very simple model creation tool.

My two very favorite 3D model making tools.

Postby BNG123 » December 9th, 2013, 7:48 am

I've been making 3D models for more then eight years and I must have surely tried every free product available on the web. I don't make models for a living so I've never been motivated to buy any particular product. The costs range from absolutely free to ridiculously expensive. Seriously? The costs can really quite literally cost a left bun and honestly none would actually make me a better model maker at any cost. I model because I really love the creative process rather then bragging about having the latest greatest modeling software out in web land. Anyways, two free products really impress me as being worthy of any casual model making hobbyist.

The first is the old Caligari line including Truespace and it's cousin Gamespace and the second of course is one called Anim8or 3D. Both offer some very good modeling tools and are fairly simple to use by just about anyone with even half a brain; I guess I must truly fall in to this very broad category. Complicated modeling software like Studio Max, Softimage, and even the free Blender just make my head spin mostly because each is so damn complicated that it stifles the creative spirit and forces ones self to actually think too much in terms of technical knowledge. I fundamentally believe that most people actually share this personal viewpoint. That and I actually have another life better suited to doing other more interesting things to do then spend a lot time learning to a use very advanced modeling tool. Both Caligari and Anim8or fit my personal need like a glove. One compliments the other perfectly, and both can be mastered in a fairly short time. I encourage anyone interested in model making to seriously give both titles a try and discover that creating things in virtual 3D space isn't really all that difficult with a little bit of effort.
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